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Welcome to the Afghan House Foundation

Many years of war and unrest have left visible and invisible wounds in Afghanistan.

Because of this the people in Afghanistan have not had the opportunity to develop themselves. For example, 60 percent of the adults can not read or write. The children in Afghanistan do not do much better. According to official data less than 30 percent go to school. Until recently Afghanistan was the only country in the world where it was forbidden for girls to go to school.

The living conditions in Afghanistan are poor. Despite the amount of international aid an estimated 70 percent of the population suffers from malnutrition and only 13 percent have access to clean water. Many Afghans are homeless.

To help change this situation a group of students started the “Afghan House Foundation” in April 2006. Currently the foundation’s active members are made up of students and employed young people. A group of youth with different affinities but who share a heart for the Afghan people and Afghanistan.

The “Afghan House Foundation” is an initiative to create and improve access to education. The foundation wants to bring the situation of the children in Afghanistan to everyone’s attention.

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